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After finishing Innovation Labs in July 2022, Ziarul Financiar was kind enough to invite me to pitch and discuss (recording) about MutableSecurity in its ZF IT Generation, a program dedicated to startups.

Photo from ZF IT Generation 2022

In November of the same year, the talk "MutableSecurity: Life’s too short. Automate everything!" (listing page, slides and recording) was accepted in DefCamp 2022, the largest cybersecurity conference in CEE. It was a 30-minute technical presentation of the open source components that MutableSecurity published.

Photo from DefCamp 2022

The autumn of 2023 found me creating The Open Source Fortress, a workshop about finding software vulnerabilities with open source tools. I initially presented the workshop (listing page and slides) for an hour and a half at the Ubuntu Summit, a community conference around Ubuntu, Linux, and open source.

Photo from Ubuntu Summit 2023

Immediately after the Ubuntu Summit, I got 5 minutes to pitch (slides) the workshop during the lightning talks organised in Canonical, with all colleagues from Ubuntu Security Team and all other engineering teams.

Photo from Ubuntu Summit 2023

In parallel with the effort to demonstrate that the barrier to entry for software security is low because of the open source tooling, I was invited to the first Ubuntu meetup in Africa (named Ubuntu Meetup/Workshop in Africa). As my talk "Open source, check, security, check: A checklist for securing open source projects" (slides) was only 15 minutes, I presented a checklist of items that the maintainers need to do to secure their open source projects.

Photo from Ubuntu Meetup/Workshop in Africa 2023

The most recent speaking opportunity was in DefCamp 2023: a 30-minute talk called "The Open Source Fortress: Finding Vulnerabilities in Your Codebase Using Open Source Tools" (listing page and slides). It presented the main vulnerability detection techniques and tools covered in The Open Source Fortress.

Photo from DefCamp 2023

I'm currently preparing for SCaLE 21x, the largest community-organised open-source conference in North America. The content of the presentation (listing page) will be similar to the one from DefCamp, but the available time will be twice as much, which will aid in covering a broader range of topics and providing more detailed explanations.