New Section in Ubuntu Security Podcast

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In March, I decided to leave the Romanian National Defense System and begin a new position as a Security Engineer in Canonical's Ubuntu Security Team. The level of novelty was high at the start of April because the organizations were at opposite ends of the spectrum: off-site versus remote, national public sector versus worldwide commercial sector, and secrecy-first versus open-source-first. The best thing was that I discovered an amazing team of supportive and experienced people from all around the world, which made my induction much simpler.

The openness of the Ubuntu Security Podcast's host, Alex Murray, stood out to me. At that point, I had already listened to episodes and was familiar with the format, which included an overview of the most significant Ubuntu Security Notices and a free-form segment with broad topics. Unpredictably, a suggestion to help Alex expanded into an entirely new podcast section.

I want this type of audio content to provide an opportunity to learn about emerging cybersecurity topics in Academia that may have an impact on our jobs in the industry. The foremost episode examines a 2022 paper titled "Modeling Realistic Adversarial Attacks against Network Intrusion Detection Systems".

Because first iterations are never flawless, I am aware that things can be improved. Please drop me a line if you have any suggestions about how to enhance this new section in Ubuntu Security Podcast. Feedback will be greatly appreciated!